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Introducing: The Home for Education, Arts, Resources, and Technology - The HEART.

The mission of Ann's Heart is to provide a place of welcome and human services to all Phoenixville area people. We are fortunate to be granted the use of space on the historic Sacred Heart Campus, located in the heart of downtown Phoenixville.  After utilizing the hall space under the Sacred Heart Church to develop the Code Blue Overnight Emergency Warming Center, we are proud to introduce our newest initiative - the HEART.

To re-imagine the vacant Sacred Heart School, a three story elementary school building, into a community education center. Educational space for the community, by the community.

As Phoenixville continues to become a more desirable place to live, space (or lack thereof) will continue to be an issue. Space to live, to play, to grow, and to learn. In just the last few years, Phoenixville has grown, expanded, and improved, and our hope is that it continues to do so.  However, at Ann's Heart, we have something that most nonprofits do not. We have space.

Listening to the community and responding in a way that addresses gaps in service is one of our core values and biggest priorities. We are not interested in duplicating programs that the many amazing organizations in our area run. What we can provide is a space to bring them all together at a rate they can afford in a great location in the heart of town.

We hope to provide a space for growth and education so that Phoenixville can continue to be the caring, civically minded, and amazing community that we know it to be. And that we can inspire and build community through the sharing of skills, knowledge, and education - at the HEART.

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