Our Mission, Vision and Values


Ann’s Heart’s Mission is to provide a place of welcome and human services for all Phoenixville area people.
The vision of Ann’s Heart is to provide a place of welcome and human services through the development of programs utilizing existing spaces on the grounds of Sacred Heart Church & School buildings, helping to provide support and other services for persons most in need in our community.  We will also be intentional about identifying needs created by gaps in services already provided by the local community, and to fill those needs when possible.

Ann’s Heart is committed to being an organization whose core values respect the community, our community partners, and the people we serve through our transparency and presence in the community.

Our core values guide and support our Board and leadership, enabling us to maintain the organization’s purpose and make that purpose real to our staff as the organization develops and grows.

Community Engagement: Ann’s Heart cannot exist or provide services in the community without engaging the community through collaboration and partnership, helping to strengthen our work and theirs so as not to duplicate effort for the same population.  To this end, Ann’s Heart is committed to ongoing dialogue with other service providers in the community through existing networks and/or individuals.

Stewardship:  Ann’s Heart is committed to good stewardship of funds allotted or bequeathed to us assuring financial responsibility and transparency to our community, through monthly Board review of fiscal reports and annual review or audit of funds.  The Board has a budget and Financial Committee, as well as an Audit Committee to support good stewardship.

Diversity: We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.  To this end, Ann’s Heart is committed to working towards developing a Board of Directors that is diverse and reflects the community it serves.

Compassion: We pledge to be compassionate, putting our heart and mind into our work, and being open to exploring needs as they emerge in the community.

Empowerment: We pledge to create and work in an environment that supports and empowers the people we serve.