Welcome to Ann's Heart

We are on a mission to provide a place of welcome and human services to all Phoenixville area people.

We work to fulfill this mission by listening to the community, re-imagining spaces, and asking the community to help us along the way.

It takes a village and we hope you will join us in our work at Ann's Heart. Get involved, share your ideas, and help us build community here in the heart of Phoenixville.


Kristen McGee
Executive Director


Our mission is to provide a place of welcome and human services for all Phoenixville area people.


Our vision is to provide existing spaces for the community to connect, learn, and grow through access to programs, services or projects that are responsive to the needs of our community.  We will be intentional about identifying gaps in services, and to fill those needs when possible.


Core Values

Ann’s Heart is committed to being an organization whose core values respect the community, our community partners, and the people we serve through our transparency and presence in the community.

Our core values guide and support our Board and leadership, enabling us to maintain the organization’s purpose and make that purpose real to our staff as the organization develops and grows.

Our core values are:
Community Engagement

What's in a name?

People often ask us - "Who is Ann?"

The name of our organization is a nod to St. Ann's Church and Sacred Heart Church; the two parishes which merged in 2012 and graciously granted us the opportunity to utilize the spaces on the Sacred Heart Campus for the community.

Additionally, The Home of Education, Arts, Resources, and Technology (HEART) - is a nod to the Sacred Heart School which we are re-imagining into a community education center. 


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