A place of welcome and humans services for ALL Phoenixville area people.

Our vision for the HEART is that it be accessible to ALL Phoenixville area people. Built in 1959, there are some challenges to realizing our vision. You can help transform our vision into reality!

We have worked hard to ensure that any changes we have made internally are forward thinking with accessibility in mind. Now it is time to pull it all together and ramp up our efforts.

Phase One includes the construction of an ADA compliant ramp leading from the parking lot of 30 Hall Street to the second floor entrance of the HEART, making our program floor immediately accessible. We have been generously gifted the architectural plans for this project by a local architect and are working to complete the project with the help of a Sacred Heart School alumni. It is support like this that really makes our hearts sing!

Estimated Project Cost: $60,000

Phase Two includes the installation of a chair lift system between the first and third floors, making all three floors accessible to guests. We know that an elevator would be ideal, but for now, this lift will provide vital access to all three floors until the time comes when we can invest in something larger.

Phase Three includes other additions, such as a lift in the exterior HEART Kitchen stairwell and bathroom accessibility improvements. 

Inclusivity is at the core of our mission. At the HEART, everyone should have access to all it will offer.




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