We all have a neighbor in need...we just may not know it yet. 

Most people think that the average “homeless” person is the single unemployed adult male living under a bridge, suffering from a mental illness or drug or alcohol addiction. The painful truth is that many of our housing insecure and homeless neighbors do not meet the “homeless” stereotype.


The Code Blue Center in Phoenixville has provided shelter for many people that have incomes who are not struggling with addiction or possessing criminal records. We have served men, women and children who could no longer afford their homes and had nowhere else to turn.

So why are we seeing so much housing insecurity in our affluent area? It’s no secret that the cost of living is on the rise and we are seeing our family and friends stretching their finances thin to keep up with payments. Families in our local neighborhoods are facing minimal salary increases against the rising housing, food, childcare, elderly care, and healthcare costs.  The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) released a Family Budget Calculator that measures the estimated income that a family would need in order to attain a modest yet adequate standard of living in an area.  Click below to see how much the estimated cost of living is in our area. 


We are reaching out to you for your help. Our shelter does not receive federal funding and relies fully on your generosity.  Please consider volunteering or donating to the Ann’s Heart Code Blue Center so that we can continue to offer this invaluable service. Our shelter has been open for 5 seasons now and we have served 30 of our neighbors that have fallen on difficult times in just 6 weeks this season.

Learn more about the Code Blue Overnight Emergency Warming Center.



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