The second floor of the HEART is dedicated program space composed of four light-filled classrooms that have been furnished with flexibility in mind. Each space has been designed for multiple uses so that most programs or groups can utilize the space in various ways (and possibly in ways we haven't envisioned yet!). 

We know that our vision for the HEART will change and grow organically as the community helps us better understand its needs. Until then, we have done our best to provide welcome spaces conducive to conversation, education, and growth.  



Room 202 - Class Space

This multipurpose room provides a basic meeting-room style set up that can be adjusted to fit your needs. 


Room 203 - Co-Working & Meeting Space

This multipurpose room provides a boardroom style set up that is perfect for hosting team meetings, collaborative projects, or brainstorming sessions. It can also be utilized as co-working space.


Room 204 - Creative Space

This multipurpose room provides a great space for hands-on workshops, art classes, group meetings, and more!


Room 205 - Board Room

This multipurpose room provides a conference room style that is perfect for hosting a workshop, meetup, or group meeting. Our wall mounted TV's are perfect for presentations and screenings.

Investing in Our Community

Why would a non-profit take on a project of this proportion? Because in an ever-changing economy it is more important than ever to find ways to be able to be less reliant on grants or funding that may come and go. The HEART is an effort for Ann's Heart to support the community, but also support our programs that provide safe and welcome spaces for our neighbors in need. Proceeds from hall rentals are used to fund our programs, such as the Code Blue Overnight Emergency Warming Center. We hope that we will be able to provide free or reduced usage to as many programs and non-profits as possible, thanks to the investment in our spaces by those who will utilize our places of welcome.


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