Hall Street Community Garden

Great things happen when you work together and dream big!

As we continue our large-scale re-purpose project at the HEART, we are constantly looking for ways to re-imagine our spaces. This includes our outdoor spaces, too!

We have partnered with Trellis for Tomorrow and our Hall Street neighbors to design and build an incredible community garden. Our raised beds will be productive vegetable and fruit bed that will provide our neighbors, non-profit partners, and the HEART Kitchen with fresh produce.

But it is not just about the end result - it is about the process. We love engaging with our neighbors and partnering with our non-profit community. During a time when we all feel so isolated, it is great to know that we can work together - even remotely at times - to flex our imagination and put our hands to work to build something wonderful. 

Follow us on social media to follow our progress. We'll be posting photos and videos of our work as the garden grows and flourishes.


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