After five busy years, we are looking forward towards the future.


On March 15, 2020, Ann's Heart turned 5 years old!
We know, right?! FIVE! What an amazing journey it has been.
What is even better? We've only just begun.

Over the last five years we have made some major strides and tackled some big projects. Here is a look at the five biggest accomplishments over the last five years.

But we can't stop now. We know that looking forward and planning for our future is crucial in order to make it to year 10 (or even year six). We have some BIG projects on the horizon and we need YOUR help.

Help us move forward by lending your support to our Five and Forward Campaign. This capital campaign will support our next Big 5 initiatives at Ann's Heart and the future of our organization. They are (drum roll please...):

coming soon

The HEART Kitchen

The mission of the HEART Kitchen is to help provide healthy food and educational opportunities through a variety of monthly programs and events; such as a Chef Showcase, 'Pay-What-You-Can' Cafes, and Cooking/Nutrition Classes hosted by community partners.  As with all our initiatives at Ann's Heart, programs will be developed through our community partnerships, such as those with Phoenixville Area Community Services (PACS), Delaware Valley Vegan Education Group, and others. Now more than ever, spaces like the HEART Kitchen are important to support the Phoenixville community.


The Accessibility Project

Our vision for the HEART is that it be accessible to ALL Phoenixville area people. Built in 1959, there are some challenges to realizing our vision. You can help transform our vision into reality! Phase One includes the construction of an ADA compliant ramp leading from the parking lot of 30 Hall Street to the second floor entrance of the HEART, making our program floor immediately accessible. Phase Two includes the installation of a chair lift system between the first and third floors, making all three floors accessible to guests. Phase Three includes other additions, such as a lift in the exterior HEART Kitchen Stairwell and bathroom improvements. Introducing - the RAMP IT UP campaign!


The Going Green Project

The HEART is going green(ish)! Trellis for Tomorrow, our non-profit partner in residency, is leading the way in working with our neighbors to create the Hall Street Community Gardens. In keeping with our long-term goal of sustainability, the HEART is undergoing several eco-friendly projects to make our center better for the environment and our budget! And not to get ahead of ourselves, but our long-term visions may also include a "green roof" and solar panels. How will we get there? Help us make an impact - support the 'greening' of the HEART!

coming soon

The Code Blue Improvements Project

Having just wrapped up our fifth season of the Code Blue Overnight Emergency Warming Center, we have learned a lot about our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to serving the most vulnerable in our community. We have identified several ways we can strengthen our program and ensure we can continue to serve our area. To do so means improving the Center both physically and programatically. Help us improve our site, our program, and decrease the barriers that our guests face in finding stability.

coming soon

The Site Purchase Fund

Over the last five years, Ann's Heart has leased several spaces from St. Ann's Parish. Our original office at 148 Church Street, Friendship Hall (home of the Code Blue Center) and the old Sacred Heart School - now the HEART. The goal is to purchase the campus within the next five years to ensure to longevity of our programs and the site as a place of welcome and human services for ALL Phoenixville area people. 


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