Start a Supply Drive

To Support Our Center
One of the most inspiring things about our community is how supportive it has been of our program. From Churches to school groups, business to neighbors, we have been so fortunate to be the recipient of supply drives organized by community members like you!
Code Blue Center
Code Blue Center

Supply drives can be hosted by anyone, anywhere. And we have made it simple for you by creating the "tool kit" so you can start one today!

Targeted Drives

Run a drive that specifically targets one type of product we need at the Center. Run a "Paper Drive" for toilet paper, paper towels, or tissues. 

Goal Specific Drives

Challenge your classmates or co-workers to gather a certain monetary amount worth of gift cards or fill a large box with toiletries. Sometimes setting a specific goal and celebrating milestones along the way helps to build excitement and participation.

Sponsor a Month

The Center runs for an average of six months a year. Can your group "sponsor" a month by running a drive for one of the months of Code Blue? 

Supply Drive Tool Kit
Here are some useful resources for organizing and promoting your drive:
Make it a Friendly Challenge
Many of us love a friendly competition. Turn your drive into a competition between departments at your business or between neighbors. Remember to keep it friendly, but a little challenge goes a long way to making a BIG IMPACT!
Dropping Off Donations
Let us help you promote your good deed! Once you schedule a drive, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know so we can help you promote or share your success with our followers. We will also coordinate a drop off time for that perfect team photo with all your donations.