Adult GED Program

at the HEART
Supporting adults in the Phoenixville area in completing the GED assessments by providing individualized tutoring and other related resources at the HEART.
Adult GED Program

The Adult GED Program at the HEART is focused on providing accessible educational opportunities for adults in our community. This program provides individualized instruction that works around a participants schedule to ensure their success.

Volunteer educators tutor our participants in the four areas of study; English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Program participants are provided with all work materials, supplies, practice tests, and test fees*. 

We know that finding time to invest in yourself can be difficult. Our program aims to meet each participant where they are at in their lives and on their educational journey, providing support and encouragement along the way.

*Test fees are covered for the first round of testing in each subject. Fees for re-tests must be covered by participants.

Program Information

Eligible Participants

The Adult GED Program serves adults (18 years or older) from the Phoenixville area who wish to earn their GED. Volunteer educators will interview participants to determine the best course for beginning their educational journey.

Participants will work with their volunteer educators to develop a personalized meeting schedule. Instruction will take place at the Home of Education, Arts, Resources, and Technology (HEART), located in downtown Phoenixville.

Supplies & Fees

All supplies, calculators, workbooks, and sample tests will be provided at no cost to the participants. Test fees for the first attempt in each subject will be covered by Ann's Heart. Re-test fees will be covered by participants. All testing will be conducted at the Phoenixville Area School District's Administrative Offices per PA State requirements.

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Invest in Yourself

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Program Limitations

We may not be able to meet the educational needs of all program applicants due to several factors such as educator availability, a participant's work schedule, educational needs, or program capacity. If we are unable to provide program services due to capacity, interested participants will be put on a waiting list and offered services on a first come, first serve basis.